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Name : Leon’s Customer Service (Helpline Number/Toll Free Number/Contact Details) Location : Toronto, Ontario, Canada Category : Companies, Furniture, Mattresses, Accents, Appliances, Electronics Leon’s Customer Service Phone Numbers: 416 243-7880 / 416-243-4760 Leon’s Customer Service Email IDs investors@leons.ca customercare@leons.ca Fax Number : n/a WhatsApp Number : n/a Official Website : www.leons.ca Facebook Fan Page : facebook.com/leonsfurniture Twitter Handle : twitter.com/leonsfurniture Instagram Handle : […]

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Name : Leon’s Head Office (Helpline Number/Toll Free Number/Contact Details) Location : Toronto, Ontario, Canada Category : Companies, Furniture, Mattresses, Accents, Appliances, Electronics Leon’s Head Office Address: Leon’s Furniture Limited 45 Gordon Mackay Road Toronto, Ontario M9N 3X3 Leon’s Head Office Phone Numbers: 416 243-7880 Fax Number : 416 243-7890 WhatsApp Number : n/a Email IDs investors@leons.ca customercare@leons.ca […]

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